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Updated Almost Every Week - Check the other sections as well for up-dates on tours, new releases, discography info, etc.


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Updated 10/17/2015
MELLOW HARSHER is hitting the road, and 625 will help out with getting a tour-related cassette out plus a split EP with Australia's INTERNAL ROT soon afterwards. Here are the dates:

10/23 - RICHMOND, VA @ 25 WATT
10/27 - PROVIDENCE, RI @ AS220

Be sure to get out and support these bands!

Updated 9/30/2015
Back by popular demand! A limited repress of the one-sided COMPLETED EXPOSITION LP (limited to 300) is out now. This time it is on clear/haze vinyl, and comes with the original packaging (gatefold cover, download cards, etc).

Updated 1/21/2015
Hi all - its been a while since the last update! Shit has been busy as usual: with work, with international travel, and most importantly, with releasing new 625 records!

Two new LPS are out now: PSUDOKU (Norway) 2nd LP and MANHUNT (Australia) Debut LP. Both are ripping: PSUDOKU returns with their unique brand of mind-melting space grind, and MANHUNT continue the onslaught of their early 7" output with 14 punishing tracks of brutal hardcore. 625 has a small amount available through EBULLITION so be sure to act fast!

Next up are a new CONQUEST FOR DEATH (us) / FLIPOUT AA (Japan) Split EP, as well as represses of the SPAZZ reissues CRUSH KILL DESTROY and LA REVANCHA LPs. Both represses are limited to 500 and on white vinyl.

Also in the works is a SCHOLASTIC DETH vinyl LP collection. Proceeds will go towards our bassist Chris's medical bills as he fights Lyme Disease. Keep checking back for updates!

Updated 5/20/2014
It has been a while since I last updated the website, but I have two new releases out now and a few more planned for the summer. Not only is the MANHUNT/INTERNAL ROT Split EP out, but the debut LP from INTERNAL ROT was just released in time for their US Tour! Check out the new releases page for more information

Up next will be the second LP of the mind-melting one-man grind unit PSUDOKU. This newest one is straight up astral-grind.

Updated 9/1/2013
Hi everyone - the new 1-sided COMPLETED EXPOSITION LP is out now! This is a limited one-time pressing of 500 so don't sleep! Also this month, we will have two new FLIPOUT AA Eps in time for their tour in October. The first EP is a limited repress of their "Flipout Songs" CD on vinyl (limited to 300) and a brand new EP called "Non-Fiction" (limited to 500). If you live on the West Coast, be sure to check out CONQUEST FOR DEATH and FLIP OUT AA on tour this October! Tour dates will be up soon!

Updated 7/8/2012
Holy shit its been a long time since I last updated the website. Since the last update we had the SPAZZ LA REVANCHA LP reissue come out, and a ton more stuff planned. But my new job has been kicking my ass so website updates and emails have suffered (and unfortunately will continue to suffer).

A lot of stuff has gone down this past year - not only did I move to a small town in Vermont to start teaching at a college, but a very dear friend of mine passed away unexpectedly this year - Kindred McCune - also known as STINKWEED. As you probably noticed, I switched out the graphic on the main 625 page in memory of Kindred.

I first met him when he asked me to join his punk band PLUTOCRACY back in 1987 or 1988 - and through that experience, he became one of the biggest influences in my life. For those of you who know him, you know. For those of you who knew of him from afar, he seemed like a crazy guy, bursting with energy, almost uncontrollable. He was probably one of the most creative people I have ever met - his was a pure spirit of creativity, not to replicate a certain genre of music, fashion or artistic style, but just this individual core of creativity that made him so unique. When he was able to focus his creativity, he produced some of the most wicked music - writing stuff for PLUTOCRACY, AGENTS OF SATAN, NO LESS, TORTURE UNIT, as well as being the inspiration behind a number of hip-hop collaborations like SHEDWELLAZ, etc. You have no idea how many cassettes exist of Stinkweed dropping lyrics on the fly, or writing riffs in a practice room at 2am. The guy lived music.

Here is an obituary written for MRR by Dan Lactose, who worked with Kindred on a number of projects:

"Kindred McCune aka Stinkweed Malone has left our planet. Took the warp triple six Doom Ryde straight through our galaxy. Stinkweed was best known to punx, thrashers, vandals and dank smokers as a founding member of the pioneering Redwood City, CA political grindcore unit, Plutocracy. He was also a founding member and leader of the long running Redwood City hip hop group Shed Dwellaz. Stinkweed was born in San Francisco and grew up on Army Street. He told me he first witnessed punk rock at the legendary Farm. Bands were playing, punks were thrashing and he was breakdancing. “I won’t conform to the norm so I perform in the orange,” he wrote. Plutocracy took grindcore in directions no one else had attempted, blending Black Panther speeches with blast beats and MC Pooh. It took a certain type of person to “get” it. Kindred and Thomas’ twin guitars had a unique and abstract sound.
At the time, I lived in Redwood City, was in a crappy punk band, made zines and bounght Earache records at Tower. I met Thomas at school, he tells me he plays in a band called Plutocracy, gives me the Progress demo and I’m blown away. I became a huge fan of everything these guys did from that point forward. When Plutocracy broke up, No Le$$ twisted wigs back even further! Electric Jungle Violence slid Sabbath style jams into grind riffs while obscure samples popped in and out. The live shows were drunken and dangerous. Stinkweed started the West Bay Koalition and dubbed himself El Presidente. He was constantly creating. He was in so many bands: Agents of Satan, Go Like This, Kalmex & The Riff Merchants, Bullshit Excuse, Shadow People, Apeshit, United Sicko Foundation, Torture Unit, the list goes on.
There was a six hour radio show on KZSU called the West Bay Radio Station Hostage Situation in which he was in every band. I was honored to be a part of the Shed Dwellaz with him. I told him I could DJ and he got me a sampler so I could make beats. Together we recorded hundreds of songs on 4-track. I learned so much about how to create music both from him and with him. He taught me to be myself and not worry about what others would think. If you liked what you were doing, then do it. He hated “kritiks.” And COPS. Fuck, he hated cops.
From the way he strung his guitar strings backwards to his shower cap and pajama stage attire, Stinkweed did it his way. He didn’t have a computer or go on message boards or give a shit about what anyone else thought was cool, he was on his own trip. Whether he was writing a riff or a sixteen or texting bandmates to schedule a jam, his mind was constantly on music. The guy was the most original person I’ve ever met in my life. Larger than life, LOUDER than life. If you ever hung out with him, you walked away with a story. Right before his death he was working on new material with Agents of Satan. He was recording raps and talking about starting a new West Bay Doom Ryderz band. He planned to release a compilation next year and was trying to compile all of the tracks for it. He was working with Pelon from Immortal Fate on the release of a 1992 live session of Plutocracy and Immortal fate on KZSU. The world will be a lot different without his demonic harmonics. Launch a hog leg and puff tuff for Mr. Stinkweed.

Donations on behalf of Kindred McCune can be made to: Redwood City Education Foundation, PO Box 3046, Redwood City, CA 94064. RCEF provides music education to all students in Redwood City - grades 2 to 8"

Ok, if you send me an email, please be patient. I am currently residing in Tokyo and won't be back to the US until September (only to start yet another busy semester of teaching).

Updated 4/14/10
the last of my record collection is going up now via a friend on eBay. CLICK HERE to check out the listings. Lots of Japanese, European and fastcore records going up in the next few weeks.

Updated March - HISTORY LESSON
So recently so new things have gone up on the internet that I thought I would pass on to people. One is about my personal history of playing music, the other is a "where are there now" piece.

So as many of you know SPAZZ was influenced by the underground hip-hop scene of the late 1980s and 1990s. Apart from jamming in FUNERAL SHOCK, Dan (aka, Kungfu Dan, aka DJ EONS) has gone on to DJ and produce a few hip hop groups, the most recent being his best. They are called GRAND INVINCIBLE and their 2nd Full Length drops this month. Here are some videos so you get the idea of their style (throw back to early 90s NYC) and their spirit (DIY).

Check it out at:
GI Official

GI Gig Flyer

DIY Limited Release

BACKSLIDE 1987-1988
So before I played in PLUTOCRACY I played in this crust/grind called BACKSLIDE circa 1987 in California. This was right when DEVIATED INSTINCT and other bands were starting to release their first records and we were influenced by a whole tape trading network that existed then. Back then one listened to HELLBASTARD and RIPCORD and ANITSECT and HERESY and THE STUPIDS - there were no stupid distinctions and divisions as there are now. It was all DIY hardcore/punk, whether fast, metallic or crusty.. So anyway, John our singer put up a rehearsal tape, pictures and fliers from this band, stuff I havent seen for over 23 years. It is kinda mind blowing, and I have to warn you, it does not stand the test of time. But I thought I would share it.The "15 year old drummer" would be me.

Check it out at: BACKSLIDE LINK

Updated 10/14/09
A new batch of my personal record collection is going up on ebay for the rest of October. If you are a collector you might be interested in some of the titles. Check out the on-going post at: [ CLICK HERE ] for seller: "MOSH_OF_ARSE_625" - lots of rare records, shirts, etc~Right now there is a LOT OF JAPANESE stuff posted! Check it out!

Updated 1/16/09
I have friend out on the East Coast is also now selling my old personal record and t-shirt collection. This includes tons of Japanese HC, grind, crust, 80s hardcore, etc. This will be a steady thing as I just sent him the last remnants of my record collection, so be sure to check back regularly for new postings. CLICK HERE to check out the listings.

And don't forget, there is also LIGAMENT who has both personal collectibles and 625 titles up on eBay as well. CLICK HERE to do a search.

Updated 8/11/05
pistolswing took some photos from the second night of the Barbaric Fastcore Detonation festival, here is a link to that page. Check it out HERE

Update: 06/26/04
So about my record collection being far I have passed off to my friend Jimi about 3000-4000 pieces from the collection, and I have so much more to give him which means this sale is gonna take probably 2-3 years to complete! Its fucking nuts, way too much stuff, and alot of it is painful to see go. Right now he is slowly going through the EPs, he hasnt even started posting LPs, CDs or shirts (yes, shirts as well). Also, I gave him a bunch of in print 625 titles, so for those of you who have had a hard time finding new titles at mailorders or distros, now's your chance to.

I still feel icky about doing all of this on eBay....for the people who know me, I have spent years railing against eBay, whether in lyrics (scholastic deth, etc) or just in daily conversations. I was (and am) really pissed that the process of going to used record stores/trading with people internationally was killed by a large corporate auction site. The manner in which one can increase the price on titles has now become infamous (people spending $400-$500 for KBD eps, etc), its just totally absurd. On the flip side though, I spent about two years going to shows with all these records, and although I was able to get rid of a lot of stuff (for cheap prices I might add) I didnt even make a dent in the collection. Towards the end I was burning out on bringing 1000 pieces of vinyl to Gilman street every weekend....and also perplexed that people didnt't really know some of the hard to find titles that I had for sale (no one buying titles from HHH, ASTA KASK, DON DON, etc). So with two months left before I move everything 4000 miles to NYC, I had to figure out a plan B. This is where Jimi came in to help out.

Now although he has only been posting my stuff for the past month (before that he was doing Jeff Bale's collection), the difference between prices (and what I had thought things were worth) has really blown my mind. I had a WIDE AWAKE live (not a bootleg) ep up there and it went for $3, while the first SCHOLASTIC DETH ep was bid up to $15! What the hell? People, relax, chill out.....just think....I probably have a ton of those SCHOLASTIC EPs, so just sit back and chill. The other thing that surprised me was that the first Barbaric Thrash comp went for $ only guess is that it's because it has Melt Banana on it or something? But again.....I had a few of those, so just relax, don't artificially drive up the prices. Right now I have asked Jimi to make a bunch of stuff "buy it now" just so people dont get all stupid and start bidding on titles that are available everywhere.

So long story short....I wish I could have gotten rid of all this without eBay, but it has so infiltrated the way people buy used punk records it appeared as the only solution. Cop out? For sure, Im the first to admit it. I can't stand the thought that these records that have been such a huge part of my life are now giving money to some crappy internet company like eBay. But my options were: sell to a huge non-punk store in SF like Amoeba records (who don't know anything about the records I have) who would have ripped me off blind, or sell it in a lot to someone, who of course would turn around and put things up individually on eBay. Infact this has already happened, people who have been at Gilman and bought my stuff at super cheap prices have turned around and posted it on eBay a week later. LAME! So long story short, this sucks. Not only am I watching my collection of 17 years dissappear, but its through a process that I detest.